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At Women Center L.A., we understand the importance and many joys that accompany pregnancy.

You will find a friendly and warm environment in our office. Our doctors are always available to respond to your questions with our specialized answering service, and ready to help you to contact your doctors at any given hour.

The newest achievements in practice of obstetrics are always available to do anything possible to make the outcome of your pregnancy its best. We watch and accompany you through the pregnancy with numerous tests, ultrasounds, and monitors.

We bring you thorough services of perinatologist at each stage of pregnancy. 3-D ultrasound and other tests will be used to asses condition of the baby and the mother, and provide help if it is necessary.

The prenatal care and delivery will be handled by the same doctor of your choice, whom you feel comfortable with, for the most important time of your life: bringing your baby into this world.

You will be pampered through delivery time in your own room, surrounded by the family (if you wish), in a room, which is equipped by different monitors to closely watch you and your baby. You can watch TV, read a book, or listen to music while you are in labor because experienced anesthesiologist will control and minimize your pain.

Labor and Delivery at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, one of the best hospitals in the nation, is the only place where we deliver our patients. We believe in providing our patients with maximum care, comfort, and quality service.