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What is an Ovarian Cyst?

An Ovarian Cyst is a sac of cells growing out of an ovary. Ovaries have a tendency to produce an unusual number of cysts. Like Fibroids they come in all different shapes and can grow very large. Cysts have been found to have teeth, hair, oil, and more inside.

What are the Symptoms of Someone Who Has Ovarian Cysts?

Very often, women who have Ovarian Cysts have no symptoms at all. Also, because functional cysts have a tendency to disappear on their own, symptoms may come and go nearly unnoticed. Functional cysts are common and relate to the natural menstrual cycle. If symptomatic, they can cause abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding, and/or swelling of the abdomen.

What is The Bess Solution™ for Ovarian Cysts?

Using the Advanced Laser Pelviscopy, the cyst can be removed from a tiny incision below the bikini line. Most often patients can undergo the procedure and go home the same day for a speedy recovery.