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Removal of Birth Control Implant FAQ

Implanted birth control can be taken out after 4 years or whenever you want to stop using it. Contrary to popular belief, this procedure takes only a couple of minutes and poses a small amount of discomfort to the patient. In order to help you understand the process better, here are some frequently asked questions about birth control implant removal:

Who performs the procedure?

A registered, trained health care professional is the best person to perform this procedure. Dr. Carla Spades is a specialist in minimally invasive techniques in Gynecologic Surgery and is pleased to offer this procedure to women in the Los Angeles area. After graduating from UCLA Dr. Spades went on to finish her residency at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center where she was awarded the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training award.

This honor is given to the resident that shows great passion for family planning and patient education. Aside from numerous academic accolades, Dr. Spades is also a firm believer in giving accurate, objective information to men and women about family planning options to help them make informed choices in reproductive health.

How is the procedure done?

Nexplanon removal is a relatively simple procedure. In order to ensure patient comfort, a local anesthetic is applied by the doctor or the nurse assisting the procedure. The medical team waits a few minutes to make sure the anesthetic is in effect before making a small cut and removing the implant.

It is important to remember that you can ask questions anytime throughout this procedure. Your comfort and safety are of utmost importance to Dr. Spades and her team at the Women’s Center in Los Angeles.

Will I feel pain during the procedure?

Some women describe the procedure as “uncomfortable” rather than “painful”. You will feel a prick or a sting as the anesthetic is injected. However, this should dissipate as the medication takes effect.

If you had any allergic reactions toward any anesthetic or medication in the past, please inform the team immediately. This will allow them to better plan your procedure.

Are there any side effects of getting my implant removed?

There is no downtime to birth implant removal although you may feel some discomfort on the affected arm such as mild swelling or tenderness. Bruising may also be present in some cases. However, this is can easily be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Unless you have chosen another hormonal birth control method, your period will also go back to its normal schedule after implant removal.

Do I need to wait to get another implant after the previous one is removed?

No. You can get your next Nexplanon implant during the same procedure.

How soon can I get pregnant?

There is no straightforward answer to this question as getting pregnant involves many factors. However, it is possible to get pregnant right after your implant is removed. It’s prudent to speak with your OBGYN if you plan on getting pregnant or using another form of birth control before having your Nexplanon removed. This will allow you to explore all the available options and be able to ease into the next step.

Birth control implant removal is a simple, pain-free procedure that is best entrusted to trained professionals such as Dr. Spades and her Women’s Center LA team. Book an appointment today to learn more about your options.