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Have you considered how unique you are? We know and understand how unique you are. With our many years of experience and our specialized training we are able to support women and their families in making an informed decision about their health.

Today nearly 95% of all Gynecological Surgeries can be done laparoscopically (using laser surgery). This means that most women can leave the hospital on the same day.Most can return to exercise or work after several days, compared to several weeks after a conventional surgery. We hope this web site will answer many of your questions.Our practice is dedicated to the promotion of the most qualified and the least invasive Women`s Health.


What people say

Dr. Bess been my doctor since I moved to La it's about seven years so far . To say
I'm happy did not say anything. He's an amazing doctor and beautiful soul. I
definitely recommend him to all my friends and family. Best doctor. Best

Olga V. Glendale,CA

Olga V.
Glendale, CA


I've been a patient of Dr. Preys for more than 10 years but Dr. Bess delivered my second baby this time around. He is very easy going and answers all the questions you may have. This Doctor has a great sense of humor which made the whole delivery a breeze. Dr. Bess is a real professional and you will feel very comfortable in their office. All doctors and nurses are great and accommodating, wait time is minimal and front desk girls will make sure you don't wait for the next appointment for a long time.

Patient Testimonial

Emma I.
West Hills, CA


My review is way overdue. Dr Bess is amazing, very knowledgeable, and has great bed side manners. I had my C section done by him at the age of 50. It was my 3rd child and the easiest delivery. Office staff is amazing, especially Marina. I cant say enough about how grateful I am that I chose Dr Oleg Bess for my pregnancy.

Patient Testimonial

Lanna K.
Los Angeles, CA


There are not enough positive words to say about Dr. Oleg Bess. I had my blood drawn by three different doctors and they all said I was fine until Dr. Bess decided to go the extra mile. He discovered my severe vitamin deficiency and he put my symptoms together to discover my health issue. He suggested I do a laparoscopy which I did and without giving too much detail he basically gave me a new lease on life. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Oleg and his staff for helping me through this difficult time in my life. We move to the next challenge of getting my husband and I to have a successful first pregnancy and I wouldn't trust anyone else at this point.

A A. West Hills, CA

A A.


First time I visited doctor Bess Oleg a year ago and loved everything about my visit. He was sweet, made me feel comfortable and was willing to answer all of my questions. Have a follow-up visit soon and I'm sure it will go as smooth as the one a year ago :)

Anna T. West Hollywood, CA

Anna T.
West Hollywood, CA





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